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Mustang Scholars Foundation

Mustang Scholars Foundation

Mustang Scholars Foundation

Mustang Scholars Foundation

Charles A. (Tony) McGeorge is the principal of McGeorge & Company, LLC (MGC) which provides consulting services in the areas of marketing, strategic planning, organizational dynamics and Board relations.

Tony began his business career at Johnson & Johnson. During his tenure there, he helped found two operating companies: McNeil Consumer Products Company (Tylenol) and Johnson & Johnson Health Management, Inc. He was selected as one of the national spokespersons for Johnson & Johnson during the Tylenol poisoning crisis that made business history and became a Harvard Business School case study.

Prior to founding MGC, Mr. McGeorge was elected the tenth President of Valley Forge Military Academy & College (VFMAC). He also served as Counsel to the Office of the President and Interim President.

Tony holds a B.A. in Sino-Soviet History from Boston University, a M.S. in Dynamics of Organizations from the University of Pennsylvania and a certificate in Advanced Management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Business

Tony created the Mustang Scholars because he was concerned about the disenfranchisement of young men and women in distressed areas of America. He was looking for a solution that would raise not only the person, but also the community. He wanted to provide the “fishing pole…and not just the fish” so that these young men and women could look forward to a successful future and be a positive force for change in their communities.

Tony felt that what these young people primarily needed was to build self-confidence and self-esteem. He believes that the young person’s transformation would be realized through the development of self-discipline, time management, positive role models, creating an ethos to live by, accountability and personal motivation. He found all of these elements present in the military educational model.

As the Foundation became more successful, the Mustang Board expanded its mission to include all ethnicities and both genders. Tony lives in Devon, PA with his wife Joy. They have three sons: Ryan, Andrew and Brennan.


In the military, the word ‘mustang’ has a special meaning:

It describes a person who by strength of character, ability and discipline, rises through the ranks of the enlisted to become a commissioned officer.

Historically, ‘mustangs’ have been a select few.


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